DHL Express Shipping

What is DHL Express 2-3 days shipping and how can I use it?

We offer an upgrade from standard shipping for U.S & Canada customers for our custom products that come from an overseas facility we have partnered with. This method ensures security, speed, and efficiency with your order.



Average shipping time with this method is 1-3 days. Most orders will arrive in 2 days. Some orders can get to 3 days if the flight is overloaded and your order has to wait an extra day (this is more typical during the holiday season or due to certain situation such as global COVID-19 issue ).

Please keep in mind, the production period of the items still applies.

DHL Express orders require a customer phone number to ship the order. This way, they can always follow up with the customer in case they are not home, or if there is any other delivery issue. So if your order does not have a customer phone number, you will not be able to upgrade it.